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Workmen’s Circle Credit Union offers a wide variety of loan products, such as 1st mortgages, Home Equity Lines of Credit, new/used cars, signature notes, business loans, student loans, etc. We can serve the loan needs of individuals as well as small businesses. Borrowing is easy and convenient. Members receive prompt and courteous service with low competitive rates, low loan closing fees, and the most flexible terms available. 

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Loans are approved locally by either a loan officer or the Loan Committee. Our loan decisions are based on the three C’s of credit: Credit worthiness, Character, and the Capacity to repay. Loan applications may be obtained and submitted in person, by telephone, or by fax. You may even obtain an application on this web site, just click the forms button. 

Additional payments or total payoff of a loan may be made at any time without any prepayment penalty. Interest is computed only on the unpaid balance. 

Loans are made to members for any worthwhile purpose. Every effort is made to provide you with the loan that you desire.