What Is A Share Secured Loan?



Origination Fee


A savings or share certificate secured loan is secured by the funds in your savings or share certificate account. The funds will be “frozen” from use and made available as the loan payments are made. A share secured loan can provide you with:

  • Lower rate than many other conventional loans
  • Establish credit; allowing for future credit opportunities
  • Lower origination fee than other loans - $25.00

    WCCU share secured and certificate secured loans provide you with the ability to build a good credit history while using funds in your Savings or Share Certificate account to secure these loans. Establishing and maintaining a good credit history allows you to achieve many of your goals in life.


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+ Will I be able to access the funds in my account?

  • The funds will be “frozen” from use and made available as the loan payments are made.

+ Will my funds earn dividends?

  • Yes! Your funds will continue to earn dividends at the current Workmen’s Circle Credit Union rate.

+ Will This Build My Credit?

  • As long as your payments are made on time, you will be building an established credit history.

What Makes Us Different?

Workmen’s Circle Credit Union prides itself on giving back to our members through high returns and low fees.

  • The loan origination fee for a share secured loan is $25.00.
  • The money being used to secure your loan will experience higher dividend performance than most other banking institutions.

Or Call Us At: 912.356.9225